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Blender is one of the most well-known free programs for creating 3D computer graphics. With Blender, you can create characters, props, environments, and nearly anything else your imagination can generate. And it’s not just about creating objects. You can set them in motion, too. Tell a story in an animation, walk people through a world of your own creation, or add a special effect to some video footage. It’s all possible. They still haven’t quite designed a way for Blender to give you a foot massage if you’ve had a bad day, but in all seriousness, it’s difficult to imagine a task in computer animation that you can’t do with Blender. And just think: the developers of Blender have included all these features in a package you can download for free and run on nearly any computer. Crazy!

In this basic to advance blender course, you can learn blender for industry professionals and get ready to do anything in blender. Learning blender need dedicated time and proper guidance. Our course design in the way that step by step you learn blender software and become a motion graphics artist.

Class 1

Understanding the interface and basic navigation

Class 2

Navigation and Workspace Editing tools

Class 3

Working in Edit Mode and Object Mode

Class 4

3D Modelling exercise session 1

Class 5

3D Modelling exercise session 2

Class 6

Modifier part 1

Class 7

Modifier part 2

Class 8

Exercise on Modifier session 1

Class 9

Exercise on Modifier session 2

Class 10

Using Curve – Free hand Geometry

Class 11

Curve editing techniques

Class 12

Exercise on curve geometry

Class 13

Non mesh primitives

Class 14

Outliner & Collection editor

Class 15

3D Text and Editing

Class 16

View port shading

Class 17

Sculpting mode – character design part 1

Class 18

Sculpting mode – Product design part 2

Class 19

Exercise on sculpting


Class 20

Material and texture – Part 1

Class 21

Material and texture – Part 1

Class 22

Exercise on Material & texture

Class 23

Lighting, Camera & Environment setting

Class 24

Animating objects & Constraints

Class 25

Rigging – The art of building an animatable puppet

Class 26

Animating objects deformation

Class 27

Exercise on animation

Class 28

Making 2D & 2.5D animation with grease pencil

Class 29

Rendering & exporting

Class 30

Editing video, Animation, Compositing, image & video

Class 31

Exercise on rendering and compositing

Class 32

Particle system

Class 33

Physics & Simulation, Dynamic paints

Class 34

Mixing video and 3D with motion tracking

Class 35

Making movie

Class 36

Cycles, workbench, render engines

Class 37

Demo reel, project

  • Online live classes from expert
  • Video recording of class available to access for one year
  • Practice on each tool
  • Flexible time
  • One to one teaching
  • Consultation for after course available

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