Fcebook Page for Business

Instead of a personal profile, create a Facebook page for your business.

You automatically receive a Personal Timeline when you join up for Facebook. Personal Timelines, also known as profiles, are made for private, non-commercial use.

You must establish a separate Facebook Page in order for your company to benefit from all of Facebook marketing’s features. 

Facebook Pages have an interface that is similar to a personal timeline but offers special capabilities for businesses, including analytics, tabs that are specifically designed to contain information about their businesses, and advertising opportunities. Timelines and Pages use the same Facebook login credentials. Separate Facebook accounts are not necessary.

How to create a Business Facebook Page?

There are three ways to create a Facebook Page: 

Using the site’s search box to look for “Create A Page,” hitting the “Create A Page” button at the top of any existing Facebook Page, or going to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create

It’s possible that Facebook may discover that you are utilising your personal Timeline for professional purposes and terminate your account without warning. Facebook has a service that will change your personal Timeline into a business Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate to give you an opportunity to fix this mistake. 

Your current profile image will be transferred when you change your personal Facebook account to a Facebook Page, and all of your friends will be changed to fans who “like” your Page. Additionally, the name linked with your personal account will serve as the name of your Page, and the username for your account will serve as the username for your Page.

No other content, including as your wall postings, photographs, videos, etc., will be transferred to your new Page, so if you want to save it, make sure to save an archive of it (through your profile settings). The best way to avoid trouble if you are currently using your personal profile for both of its intended purposes—interacting with friends and family—as well as (and improperly) for business purposes—is to stop all business activity on your personal Timeline, create a separate business Page, and then urge your audience to de-friend your personal account and head over to “like” your new Page so they can stay updated.

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