How to set up Twitter Profile – 5 quick Tips

How to set up Twitter Profile – 5 quick Tips

A suggestion for the ``Name`` box and a top Twitter username

Because it will appear in your Twitter profile URL, which you will include on all of your marketing collateral to encourage people to follow you on the social network, your Twitter username is crucial. Keep your username brief, easy to remember, and uncomplicated. The majority of businesses change their URL to by using their brand name as their login. Unlike most other websites, Twitter will let you change your username as many times as you’d like using the Settings menu. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’ve been using a particular username publicly for some time, switching to a different one suddenly might not be a wise move.

Note: Although Twitter says ‘Enter your real name, so that people can recognize you’, this is not the best practice for businesses. Here, enter your brand or business name, as it will appear right at the top of your Twitter profile in big, bold letters.

2. Use genuine names while crafting an interesting Twitter bio.

You must make the most of Twitter’s 160-character bio because it will likely show up towards the top of web searches for your name or that of your company. The bio text serves as the description for the search link and, of course, also shows on your Twitter profile. Use the limited space to succinctly and accurately describe who you are, what you do, and why people should follow you. If you’re an individual, single “descriptor” words separated by commas, lines, or hyphens (for example, “globetrotter | entrepreneur | wine lover…” are commonly used space-savers) are another option.

For customers to feel more like they are speaking to a person rather than a faceless brand, it is a good idea for businesses to use the real name of the person managing their Twitter account. If there’s room, you might also want to include a URL, @mentions to link to other accounts you’re affiliated with, or even brand- or industry-related hashtags. Just be cautious not to let the latter affect the readability and harmony of the bio as a whole.

3. Add a compelling Twitter profile picture.

Instead of using the standard Twitter avatar, use a picture of you or your company’s logo. You may even combine the two, but make sure that a face is clearly visible. Due to the one-to-one nature of Twitter exchanges, individuals will connect much more strongly with a profile that features a happy face rather than the awful default “egg” image or another equally anonymous image. Twitter advises uploading your profile picture at a resolution of 400 × 400 pixels. Click “Update profile” on your page, followed by “Change your profile photo,” to edit your header image.

4. Make a unique Twitter header picture.

Twitter released a brand-new iteration of its desktop profiles in April 2014, complete with a giant 1500 × 500 pixel header image that was reminiscent of Facebook and was open to user customization. Even while mobile devices now make up the bulk of Twitter users, it’s still beneficial to ensure that your desktop profile catches the attention of the millions of users that still access the site via desktop. It’s up to you how to fill the header image, but frequent approaches include simple branding, emphasizing specials, showcasing clients, etc. that are similar to Facebook. To edit your header image, click the “Edit profile” button on your page and then “Change your header image.”

5. Make a unique Twitter background picture.

Users could submit a unique graphic that covered the entire background of the profile page in earlier iterations of Twitter for desktop. Although doing this on a Twitter profile’s “home” page is no longer allowed, you can still add a background image to show up when a user clicks on a specific tweet to view it (and the conversation associated with it) on a different page. The folks who click individual tweets are, by nature, probably more interested in what you have to say, thus the backdrop customization here might appeal to them more than the average Twitter user, even though it will see significantly fewer eyeballs than your cover photo.

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