Pin Your Way to Marketing Perfection

Anyone may use Pinterest to build and manage online pinboards for practically any topic, and they can then share these pins—which are typically photographs but can also be videos—with other Pinterest users and with the rest of the world via websites, blogs, and other social media.

Pins can be shared online or uploaded directly from your computer or mobile device. Since its debut in March 2010, Pinterest has gained enormous popularity. It is not surprising that hundreds of businesses, including the biggest in the world, already utilize Pinterest to expose their brand to an audience of over 70 million users given that it is the second-largest driver of web traffic among social networking sites (behind only Facebook). over 75% of who browse the site on mobiles.

The great potential for companies on Pinterest comes into play here as many of the users of the site are shoppers. Pinterest users use the site to search for, browse, and collect the things that they love and that inspire them.

The most popular pins on Pinterest, whether they are made by an individual or a business, all share a few traits: they combine outstanding photographs with information that addresses a user’s issue, offers something valuable, or appeals to a particular interest. As a method for people to find articles about the things they love that you have pinned, consider how these pinnable attributes may be applied to your brand.

While some Pinterest users specifically search for products to buy, others don’t or are at a different point of the purchasing process. As a result, the variety of content you offer should be appealing to and have a beneficial impact on both types. Simply put, it’s great if the content you post inspires people to make a purchase from you (Pinterest users frequently create “wish list boards” as a prelude to making purchases, so you’ll want to encourage them to add your products to these while browsing), but it’s also a really good sign if it makes them smile, daydream, or have positive thoughts about you. 

Long-term effectiveness can be achieved with pins that aren’t just advertising but also lifestyle-based and impactful due to a favorable relationship with your company. Whether your material inspires users to take action or provides them with a useful tip, that’s just another motivation for them to repin it to one of their boards for storage and to display to their followers via their Home screens.

Whatever your line of work, you should use Pinterest to motivate others with words and pictures. Display to them your goals and desires. This entails making boards that exhibit relevant and pinnable ideas, topics, and concepts in addition to your goods and services themselves. 

It pays to keep in mind that Pinterest is just as much (if not more) about collecting and sharing other people’s photographs as it is about pinning your own, even if your brand isn’t very visual and you don’t believe the platform would be a good fit. 

For instance, a coffee shop might include a board with information on its cuisine and drinks as well as the newest developments in coffee culture, such as technology, music, and interior design. Not because they adore your most recent marketing effort, people re-pin and follow accounts on Pinterest because they speak to their needs and passions! Be a resource for other pinners and approach your boards with a mindset of service rather than one that is preoccupied with making money.


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